Google Play is not indexing Games

There is a problem right now for Mobile Game Developers in that Google Play Store is not indexing any of the Apps there, not the new not the old.
When many developers contacted them they either answer with the usual bot reply or they say that “If you want visibility you have to spend more money on Ads Campaigns”.

Bought installs thru Ads Campaign is normal method to get traffic to your game/app but there is also Organic traffic due to the App/Game title / description keywords.
It just happen that even searching for the Whole app name will not bear any result, even for the package name will not do it. Some developers found that if you replace spaces with _ it will bring the result.
This is a problem that’s coming for some time, more than 2 months for sure, and it’s not only affecting small dev but big independent developers like ketchapp, voodoo, green panda games etc…
Here I give you some links for you to see what’s going on, if you are interested:
Here is a nicely written article in an Android website:
Here is a reddit post that’s having some traffic:
And here is a thread opened on the Play Store support page with more than 800 upvotes:

This is happening to us also, we published a new game a month ago and it’s still not indexed.

Here is the link to the game:

Try searching for: Jump Alien Jump or Jump Alien Jump Escape from Area 51 and you will see that it not appears in the results, but if you try with Jump_Alien_Jump you will see that the first entry is our Game.

This is really sad for indie devs without the financial backing as big devs… We will be seeing to migrate to iOS soon, we need to get our hands on a iPhone to do some real test on Hardware and open the developer account.

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