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YakDog Games just published their third game “Flappy Skulls”. While the result looks flawless, there must have been multiple issues encountered in the process of creating it. But there is no way game developers will be stopped by challenges as they know how to fight until the end. Let me tell you about something that will make your adventure more fun though giving you the freedom to concentrate on the real tasks of game development – a well-working intranet. Tackling many tasks at the same time and probably working as a team with remote workers or contributors, a smoothly running system is a major help. Agreed? Then MyHub Intranet Solutions is what you are looking for. But let me show you how exactly you could benefit from it.

Connecting remote workers

A cloud-based intranet gives you easy access to all your documents. Everything will be stored in one place, so you can open your needed files from everywhere you are, whenever you want. If you wish to work on it with other people, you can easily give them access. There won’t be any loss of progress, even if your team works together simultaneously. This will make it much easier to connect remote workers.

Flexible solution

You don’t need to decide yet how many people you want to work with in the future. As your adventure of becoming the best game developer moves on and your guild is growing, your intranet will also grow with you naturally. There will be no need to combine your MyHub Intranet solution with other products. You will only need to set it up once and decide later whom you want to add and give access to the system, which is a huge benefit of an unlimited number of users and data storage.

Let them work for you

That also means you don’t need to take care of any additional soft- or hardware. You just need to subscribe to a SaaS provider, which will make sure everything is running smoothly for you. This way you can concentrate on your real tasks, instead of losing time trying to figure out which products work well together. Additionally, you will always have a clear overview of all costs because the provider offers different payment models to choose from and there aren’t hidden costs. If there are still any issues or questions, you will benefit from the competent customer service, which comes with the MyHub intranet as well.

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This article has been written by Claudia Pietschmann from Daikon Media.

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